Welcome to Avantis, the most advanced onchain DEX for trading and market-making cryptocurrencies, forex and commodities
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Our mission is two-fold:
1) Empower any trader to access trading leverage across any asset class with low fees, self custody and transparent execution.
2) Empower anyone to become a market-maker and get access to yields from sophisticated financial products like derivatives.


Avantis becomes the most user-friendly, decentralized platform for onchain leverage based derivatives (perpetuals, options).


Avantis is developing an advance decentralized leveraged trading platform, where users can long or short synthetic crypto, forex and commodities using a financial primitive called "perpetuals"​
Synthetic leverage combined with a USDC stablecoin LP makes Avantis very capital efficient, allowing for a wide selection of trade-able assets and high leverage (up to 100x). We are also unlocking fine-grained risk management for our LPs via time and risk parameters, allowing any LP to be a sophisticated market maker for all kinds of derivatives, starting with perpetuals.


Our core team has 11 crypto native individuals, with experience in engineering, investment banking, consulting, VC / private equity, incentive design, product design, and backend / frontend engineering. Cumulatively, our team has over 20 years of experience in crypto. Here is a little bit about our co-founders:
  1. 1.
    ​Sehaj: Co-Founder. Previously: Blockchain Venture Capital, Investment Banking (M&A), startups (fintech, crypto DAOs), UC Berkeley grad.
  2. 2.
    ​Brank: Co-Founder. Previously: Big data, software at leading fintech platform, quant trader at hedge fund, UWaterloo grad
Note: Please do not constitute anything written here or on our social channels as investment advice. Always do your research, carefully read the docs and ping our team to fully understand the protocol and any associated risks, including but not limited to smart contract and market risks.
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