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Avantis is the first step towards building an ecosystem of onchain margin-based protocols
Late Q1' 23
  • Discord, Twitter communities
  • Landing page and early-access sign up page
Q2 '23
  • Finish seed fundraise, make key hires
  • Launch Testnet v1 (private beta - trading only) on Optimism Goerli, and get feedback from key partners
    • ETH, BTC 50x perps
    • JPY-USD, EUR-USD, GBP-USD 100x Forex perps
Q3' 23
  • Launch Testnet v1 on Base Goerli
  • Start development work for $USDC market making vaults - time and risk management
  • Onboard users from our public waitlist into testnet beta
Q4' 23
  • Launch portfolio page on testnet, get feedback from beta testers
  • Launch LP vaults on testnet, get feedback from beta testers
  • Public Testnet Launch: Support for more asset pairs, UI / UX and fee improvements
  • Smart contract audits
  • Continuous testing to fine tune protocol parameters
  • Lining up launch partners for mainnet alpha
Q1' 24
  • Mainnet Alpha
    • Expanding perps pairs to include top 10 cryptocurrencies and more forex pairs
    • Fee adjustments
    • UI / UX improvements
    • Expanding TVL caps for LP
  • Bug Bounty
  • Avantis Points - a novel DeFi loyalty program
Q2' 24
  • Launch Mainnet Beta
    • UI / UX improvements
    • Modify trade limitations
    • Expand TVL caps
  • Add more asset classes (memecoins, exotic forex pairs, commodities)
H2 2024 and Beyond:
  • Launch Full Mainnet Access (no TVL / trading caps)
  • Start work on prototyping the Avantis Options exchange
  • Explore roll-up providers to launch a dedicated roll up (L2) built on the OP stack
  • Explore margin-based primitives that utilize Avantis vaults (onchain casinos, leveraged vaults, etc)