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Explore Avantis using your EOA, or create a smart wallet powered by account abstraction.

Accessing the trading testnet

Website : Navigate to the avantisfi.com/trade to access the trading platform.


Login using your EOA (e.g metamask or Coinbase wallet), or login directly with your social accounts (e.g Twitter). Avantis offers two types of accounts to users:
  1. 1.
    EOA only: This is the most common way to connect to decentralized dapps (e.g metamask). This is the first step for new users to Avantis.
  2. 2.
    Smart wallets: EOA holders or users logging in via social logins can easily and seamlessly create an Avantis smart account, which offers benefits such as one click trading, gas sponsorship and gas abstraction. Although we recommend the use of smart wallets (secured by their EOA or socials), we give users the flexibility to use their EOA, or to create a smart wallet. Note: for social logins, we automatically create smart wallets.

Network Connection

Base Goerli Network: Ensure your blockchain wallet is connected to the Base Goerli network. If it's not automatically connected, you'll need to switch manually. Here's a guide on how to add the Base Goerli network to your wallet. Using Base | Base​

Acquiring Test Funds

Using the Faucet Tab: Once connected, navigate to the Faucet tab to receive testnet ETH and USDC tokens. ETH for gas and USDC for trading collateral and vault deposits. Note: if you use an Avantis smart wallet, you only need USDC from the faucet as your gas is sponsored by Avantis.