Explore Avantis using your EOA.

Accessing Avantis

Website : Navigate to avantisfi.com/trade to start trading!

Getting Started

Login using your EOA (e.g MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, Rabby).

This is the most common way to connect to decentralized dApps and this is the first step for new users to Avantis. If you do not have an EVM wallet, you can set one up at https://metamask.io/ or any other of your choice.

You will also need USDC and ETH on Base to trade, USDC being trading collateral, and the ETH being used as gas to deposit your USDC.

Network Connection

Base: Ensure your wallet is connected to the Base network. If it's not automatically connected, you'll need to switch manually. Here's a guide on how to add the Base network to your wallet: Using Base | Base.

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