Trade crypto and real assets with confidence

1. Trading Inputs Section

Market Selection: Choose from various markets including crypto, forex, and commodities. You can view our current offered trading pairs here.

Market View: Decide whether to go Long (if you expect the price to rise) or Short (if you expect the price to fall).

Order Types: Market orders (executed immediately at current market prices) and Limit orders (executed at a predetermined price).

Collateral and Leverage: Specify the amount of collateral you want to put up for the trade. Adjust your leverage based on the amount of USDC collateral you are willing to commit.

Fees and Execution Price: Be aware of the opening fees, hourly margin fees, and the execution price of your trade. For more information on fees check out this link

Place Order: After reviewing your trade setup, approve the asset (e.g., ETH-USD) and confirm your order.

2. Advanced Trading Features


Technical Analysis: Utilize TradingView integrated charts for comprehensive technical analysis and informed trading decisions. Save your custom layouts on the chart.

Real-Time News

Stay Informed: Access real-time news feeds for crypto and forex pairs, providing valuable insights into market trends and events.

Market Stats

Key Indicators: Monitor important indicators like price changes, open interest, and margin fees for each trading pair.

3. Position and Leverage Management

Positions Tab

Order Management: View and manage your current and limit orders, adjusting your trading strategy as needed.

Risk Management Tools

Stop Loss/Take Profits: Set automated thresholds for executing trades to lock in profits or minimize losses.

Leverage Management: Actively manage your risk by depositing or withdrawing collateral, which directly impacts your effective leverage.

Close Position: Explore options for partially or fully closing your open positions.

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