💫Avantis XP

A novel loyalty program for our most valuable traders and LPs - currently under construction.

Experience Points (XP): Liquidity and Trading

Avantis experience points are offchain representations of a user's onchain actions. Avantis XP measures and track onchain activity, loyalty and accrue to a user in real time. These are non-tradeable and non-transferable, and simply represent a user's activity on the Avantis protocol. They can be redeemed for special in-app perks and utility like Avantis merchandise, protocol fee discounts, etc !

There are two types of Avantis experience points - liquidity and trading points. We will be releasing more information on how to accrue points, but at a high level:

  1. Liquidity points: Long term LPs stack the most liquidity points (i.e depositing for the long-term, locking, and completing your lock provides bonuses). E.g, one dollar invested as an LP gives 1 point a day. But a 180 day lock gives you 5 points a day (4x additional boost!).

Note - lock boosts only apply to the locked amount, and are only awarded once an LP finishes their lock. For example - if an LP locks 2500 USDC for 180 days, they get 4x points boost on 2500 USDC at the end of the lock. Additionally, once the lock expires, they will revert back to the regular (1x) points, unless they choose to re-lock their stake.

  1. Trading points: Trading organically accrues trading points. We have wash trading filters, so opening / closing trades instantly will disqualify you from receiving trading points. Loyalty (trading frequently, only trading on Avantis, etc) gives XP bonuses. Balancing platform skew (i.e being long when most traders are short) also provides XP bonuses.

Legal disclaimer: Avantis experience points have no monetary value, and do not represent a claim on the protocol's revenues or any token offering / equity. Please do not engage in accumulating Avantis points with any expectation of financial utility - they cannot be traded or exchanged. Points can only be redeemed for protocol fee discounts, merchandise, and other in-app perks.

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