Learn how to be a market maker on Avantis, and earn real yield.

Getting Started

Visit page - Go to avantisfi.com/earn to access the vaults dashboard.

Select Vault: Choose between Junior Tranche or Senior Tranche based on your risk preference. For a better understanding of the different types of vaults refer here.

Vault Overview

Projected APY: Max projected yield for the vault (for incoming deposits)

Current Deposits: Represents the total amount of assets currently deposited in the vault.

Locked TVL: The total value of your USDC currently locked in the vault.

Current Earnings: Any fee earnings net of trader PnL that the LP has accumulated. Includes trading fees and trader PnL.

Current APY: Your current APY estimated based on 7 day rolling average vault performance


Deposit USDC for jvUSDC (junior tranche) or svUSDC (senior tranche). Deposit fees may apply based on the vault's balance relative to total TVL.

Instructions: Steps to deposit include confirming the USDC amount, reviewing deposit information and fees, and completing the transaction to receive jvUSDC/svUSDC in your wallet.

Withdraw Section

Withdraw jvUSDC (junior tranche) or svUSDC (senior tranche) for USDC: Exchange your vault USDC tokens back to USDC. Withdrawal fees may apply based on the vault's current buffer ratio.

Lock Section

Amount to Lock: Specify the amount of jvUSDC (junior tranche) or svUSDC (senior tranche) to lock.

Lock Duration and Reward Boost: Choose the lock duration (up to 6 months) for a reward boost. Locking your vault USDC will issue an NFT representing the locked amount and duration.

Unlock Fee: Fees apply for unlocking based on the original lock duration and remaining time.

Instructions - Create Lock: Select vault USDC amount and lock duration, confirm the lock, and find the lock details in the locks section.

Unlock Section

Unlocking Process: Allows unlocking of the vault USDC locked in the form of NFTs.

Claim Rewards: Claim boosted fee rewards accumulated from your locked NFT.

Unlock Fee: Fees may apply based on the original lock duration and remaining time.

Instructions: Steps to unlock include choosing the locked vault USDC amount to unlock and completing the transaction.

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