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Learn how to be a market maker on Avantis, and earn real yield

Getting Started

Visit page - Go to avantisfi.com/earn to access the vaults dashboard.
Select Vault: Choose between Junior Tranche or Senior Tranche based on your preference. For a better understanding of the different types of vaults refer here

Vault Overview

Projected APY: Max projected yield for the vault (for incoming de)
Current Deposits: Represents the total amount of assets currently deposited in the vault.
Locked TVL: The total value of your USDC currently locked in the vault.
Current Earnings: Any fee earnings net of trader PnL that the LP has accumulated
Current APY: Your current APY estimated based on 7 day rolling average vault performance


Deposit USDC for jvUSDC (junior tranche) or svUSDC (senior tranche). Deposit fees may apply based on the vault's balance relative to total TVL.
Instructions: Steps to deposit include confirming the USDC amount, reviewing deposit information and fees, and completing the transaction to receive jvUSDC in your wallet.

Withdraw Section

Withdraw jvUSDC (junior tranche) or svUSDC (senior tranche) for USDC: Exchange your vault USDC tokens back to USDC. Withdrawal fees may apply based on the vault's current buffer ratio.

Lock Section

Amount to Lock: Specify the amount of jvUSDC (junior tranche) or svUSDC (senior tranche) to lock.
Lock Duration and Reward Boost: Choose the lock duration (up to 6 months) for a reward boost. Locking your vault USDC will issue an NFT representing the locked amount and duration.
Unlock Fee: Fees apply for unlocking based on the original lock duration and remaining time.
Instructions - Create Lock: Select vault USDC amount and lock duration, confirm the lock, and find the lock details in the locks section.

Unlock Section

Unlocking Process: Allows unlocking of the vault USDC locked in the form of NFTs.
Claim Rewards: Claim boosted fee rewards accumulated from your locked NFT.
Unlock Fee: Fees may apply based on the original lock duration and remaining time.
Instructions: Steps to unlock include choosing the locked vault USDC amount to unlock and completing the transaction.