Earn rewards and get fee discounts

Referrers: Earn USDC Rebates

Avantis features a fully permissionless referral system, meaning anyone (any trader, LP, community member, or influencer) can be a referrer. To create a referral link, simply click on "create referral link". Your referral code (name, number, or a combination) is linked to your wallet address. So make sure you choose your ideal referral code before confirming its creation.

Once your referral link is created, you can see your total earnings as well as claimable earnings. You can also view your current referral tier. In the beginning, every referrer is at Tier 1, and is eligible for 5% rebates on their referred traders' trading fees. In the example below, you can see that the referrer has earned 2.26 USDC (5% of 45.24 USDC, which is the total trading fees generated by their referred traders).

Traders: Fee Discounts

Traders are incentivized to use the highest tier referral link they can find. As a trader, you can enter the referral code, and start trading. You will benefit from fee discounts on every trade, as determined by the Tier of your referrer. You can see your total trading fee savings by using referral codes.

Referral Tiers

Tiers determine the trading fee discount that traders can get, as well as the fee rebates earned by referrers. Tiers can be increased by completing two main quests: 1) increasing the number of active traders referred, and 2) increasing total fees generated by your referred traders. Avantis will use the community's feedback to continuously monitor tier parameters, and will upgrade a referrer's tier once they've completed their relevant quests (provided that the quests were completed in an anti-sybil manner). Currently, we have three tiers:

Tier # of TradersTotal Trading FeesRebates / Discount


<5 active traders referred

<$2.5K in total referred fees

5% fee rebate / 5% fee discount


<25 active traders referred

$2.5K-$25K in total referred fees

10% fee rebate / 10% fee discount


>50 active traders referred

>$25K in total referred fees

15% fee rebate / 15% fee discount

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