Common questions about Avantis XP.

  1. Where can I see all of my Avantis XP?

You can see both your trading and liquidity XP on your XP dashboard. There, you’ll find total XP, any active boosts, and trading and liquidity rank.

  1. Do I get rewarded for using Avantis early?

Yes! All onchain actions on Avantis have been accruing XP since our mainnet start date (1/31/24). You can view how much total XP you have by navigating to your points dashboard.

  1. How long does it take for XP to reflect on the dashboard?

Trading points and boosts are calculated at the time of opening and closing of trades. LP points are awarded once per day.

  1. What is the maximum amount of boosts I can get?

Trading boosts can be stacked as long as you fulfill the requirements for each badge. LPers who hold early LP boosts (such as Early LP, Chief Warden, etc) can only stack up to two boosts. Testnet roles (Testnet OG, Testnet Champion, etc) may only be stacked once. Note that boosts are cumulative, ie if you hold (2) 2x boost badges, you’ll receive a total 4x boost.

  1. Why are trading and liquidity XP different?

Because we believe in fairly and equally rewarding supply and demand side activity! Trading and liquidity XP are not fungible - they are grouped into separate categories so we can ensure that we are appropriately rewarding all of your onchain actions on Avantis.

  1. How long can we expect Season 1 of Avantis XP to last?

S1 will last for at most 6 months (December 2024), meaning we reserve the right to end the season before that date. Our primary goal is to ensure a smooth transition into the next phase of Avantis: The Avantis DAO.

  1. Why should I care about Avantis XP?

By joining now - you have an early opportunity to shape the future of Avantis. We are committed to building Avantis to its full potential over the coming months, and your participation is crucial in this journey and will be recognized.

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